Questions Regarding On-site Communications

Here's some considerations for seamless meeting and event execution:
  • Will there be a meeting app, and if so will there already a QR code linked with each participant?
  • If not, would you like a unique code generated for each guest, to add airport service information to a single QR code or publish a link within a meeting app?
  • When do you expect to confirm staffing, and how do you distribute assignments and materials?
  • How do you manage changes, edits, cancellations, etc.? Do you provide staff with an automated flight manifest/app, or do you distribute documents and ask staff to continually check changes with flight tracking apps such as FlightView and FlightStats?
  • How do you manage day-of-event challenges – participant calls, texts to meet at the assigned baggage claim, no show guest information and questions?
  • Do you use two-way radios as well as email and texting on-site? If so, would you be interested in capturing a history of this data or managing it in one place?
  • Do you have the specific text for each notification that could be sent during the scope of the trip and meeting program (airline, hotel, mobile app, sponsor, etc.)?
  • Will guests download or sign-up for an app/rewards program when opting-in? What’s the benefit?
  • How is this communication or notifications system being managed? Will it align with your policies?
  • Are communications relevant so that the experience is seamless?
  • What is your process if participants call or reply to notifications?

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